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No one type and size fits all

When it comes to coffee I can truly say: "No one size or type fits all" because in this coffee drinking City of New Orleans there are so many different types of coffee that it will get your head spinning. There are several different companies here in New Orleans making a different original "New Orleans Blend" coffee. They are all really good coffee. I will be bringing you some information on the different coffees of New Orleans along with a guide so you can see for yourself and try for yourself the different coffees.

With that said we will start by talking about how to make coffee. The way I make coffee may be different then the way you make coffee. What it all comes down to is when its all done and made you should have a great tasting cup of coffee that you like!

Steps to a great cup of coffee

The first step in making the perfect cup of coffee is to purchase the highest quality of coffee that you can afford. If you can only afford the generic coffee from your local supermarket that's fine. If it's some exotic fair trade organic coffee from Columbia or Africa that's fine also. You may be paying $5.99 a pound for one and $39.99 a pound for another but it all comes down to an individuals own taste and what you like when picking the coffee you want to drink. I've had some coffee that I thought tasted nasty but my friend loved the taste.

Ok,,, now you have the coffee you like for whatever reason. You do have control over the freshness of the coffee after you have purchased it. Having a nice air tight canister or just closing the bag tightly after you open it helps keep it fresh. Also keeping it airtight and in your freezer also adds to freshness. A lot of companies vacuum seal their coffee or flush the air in the bag out with nitrogen. They do this to keep the coffee as fresh as possible. Buy only enough coffee to cover what you will use over the next month or two.

Water, yes water is am important part of the coffee making process. It influences the taste of your coffee and in some cases by a large margin. I've tasted coffee made with water from the local city water supply and it was fine and then go to another city only to find my coffee had a very different taste. In some cases I have purchased filtered spring water from the local supermarket to make my coffee with. Water does and can make a big difference in the taste of your coffee. Filtering your own water supply also works fine. I'm lucky to live in a city that has excellent water even though it comes out of the Mississippi River here in New Orleans , Louisiana.

We are finally to the actual brewing process. There are so many different types of coffee machines on the market that you can choose from. The one I'm using is a close out that I only paid $18.47 for. I needed a new glass pot because I cracked mine. When I looked at the price of new glass pots and they were $9 to $20 and I could get everything for $18.47 I just got a whole new coffee maker. You have your choice of using paper or reusable strainer coffee filter baskets. You also have a wide variety of coffee machines ranging from my $18 machine all the way up to a couple hundred dollars. It's really a matter of choice and I'm sure it can make a difference in your coffee.

If you use whole bean coffee then you need a grinder  unless you have one of those machines that the grinder is built into your coffee machine. The one to two pot coffee bean grinder cost from $15 to around $100. If you fine grind your coffee and use a reusable coffee basket like I do you will end up with sediment in the bottom of your coffee cup. When drinking a healthy mushroom powdered infused coffee you may want to drink the sediment because of all the nutrients  you get. Most paper filters will leave little to no sediment. Again it is a personal preference.

Ok we have now made a pot of coffee and we are pouring ourselves a cup of coffee. Some people like their coffee black and some like to add cream, sugar, flavoring or some other additive. All of these additives make a difference in the taste of your coffee. One creamer taste different from another creamer. There are flavored creamers and there are low calorie creamers. There is a wide range of sweeteners from plain white granular sugar to honey and nectars. Then there are your man made sweeteners that are usually low or no calorie which to be perfectly honest with you may not be the best thing for you to add to your coffee. We will discuss that in the Healthy Coffee section of this website.

Now we are going to sit back and relax and enjoy our great tasting cup of coffee.

A little extra!
I'm going to go one more step further. Sometimes where you drink your coffee and the people your sharing your coffee with can make for a richer experience. Sitting with your wife and friends drinking coffee is just a natural. Having a cup of coffee in the afternoon with a slice of carrot cake, king cake or just plain coffee cake makes for a pleasant and tasteful experience.

Five Ways to Brew Your Coffee - Coffee has five primary ways of being brewed. Each method has brewing variables - introduction of water, brewing temperature, and separating the brewed liquor from the coffee grounds. These five methods are called Turkish brewing, concentrate brewing, percolating, drip brewing, and French Press brewing.

What is a French Press or sometimes called a Press Pot? - A French Press also known as a Press Pot or Plunger Pot is an unique easy way to make your coffee. Using this Process will give you an excellent cup of coffee and your friends will be amazed  watching you prepare and brew.

French Press - Easiest form of rich flavor coffee brewing - The French press method is a form of coffee brewing which involves placing coarsely ground beans into a glass or ceramic carafe and pouring heated water over the grounds and letting it steep.

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